We can help you to choose from a wide range of lesson options, each designed to your individual needs. When you choose Vela Turks & Caicos at Kite Provo,you can be confident that our instructors have all gone through an extensive training course to assure a common methodology of training. Learning to kiteboard is best learned by breaking the process down into smaller, measurable skill sets. 
Lessons are taught at Long Bay Beach (next to the exclusive high-end Shore Club) and blessed with North and Easterly trade winds, supplying perfect side on-shore conditions ideal for learning how to kite. Flat shallow waters, all lessons are taught in waist deep waters so you can stand (and rarely have to swim). Soft sand bottom to walk on with no worries of cutting your feet). 10 month wind season with super stable winds to enjoy.
The school invests thousands of dollars every month to assure that you always have the best brand new kites and boards, powered by Cabrinha. This assure that you always have just enough kite power for your skill level and the current conditions while always using the most safe and and modern equipment on the market. This goes a long way while learning and allows you to maximize each minute of lesson time while never being overpowered. Having the right tools to use for each individual student is part of our success.

Take your kiteboarding to the next level more efficiently! State-of-the-art radio communication helmets allows you to receive the needed information promptly during our lessons, even when away from your instructor. This allows direct communication with you in a relaxing manner while demonstrating various skills to pinpoint the kite, board, and body movements without having to yell across the water to you.
Learning to kiteboard is best when breaking the process down into smaller, measurable skill sets. If you are total beginner, the best choices are our Fast Track Camp’, ‘Private’, or share the experience with others in our ‘Bring A Friend’ course.
Advanced kiters are encouraged to go ‘Private’ for one-on-one instruction to suit their already established skill-set, or to schedule Kite Adventures to experience the kind of kitesurfaris and epic downwinders you read about in the magazines.
Beginner Course - Fast Track Camp ($350 per person)

If this will be your first kiteboarding lesson, this is what we. This is designed as the first kiteboarding lesson and is for those wanting to pack in a one day experience of lessons for a discounted rate. This is a great way to learn if you have a group and want to share the experience together or don’t mind combining with others at the same beginner level, with a small-group experience of 2-3 students per instructor. Organize your friends or family in groups of 2 or 3 by similar weight or we can partner you up with others. This is a great way to share the experience and the costs with others. 

The Fast Track Camp combines our Kite Fundamentals Course with our First Water Course. In the first part of this course, you will learn how to steer a kite, how to combine steering with sheeting, how to perform the body movements for the water start, and how to set up your equipment. In the next part of the course, you will learn how to perform power strokes to get just enough kite power, water re-launching techniques, body surfing, how to put on the kiteboard, and your first exciting starts on the board.

Beginner Bring a Friend Course: (2hr lessons – $250 per person / 3 hr lessons $350 per person)

If you have a partner to learn with and do not want to be combined with others, this is a great way to learn in the beginning as you get to learn faster by changing your scope of vision when you switch the kite back and forth frequently. Your instructor has been trained in the art of communication and to use group dynamics to always engage everyone in the course all the time while sharing the equipment. This creates learning opportunities all the time. The group dynamics environment accelerates the learning process by providing frequent mental and physical breaks in combination with practice. Students must be at similar skill levels and a ideally no more than a 50lb weight difference between students.

Independent Rider Camps (Price Varies)

Spend more time on the water at a discounted rate. The more time you complete, the more you save! Valid on pre-booking the entire package up front and completing the lessons.

Self Sufficient Kiter 12hr package!  It takes most people 12hrs of instruction to become a self sufficient kiteboarder. Pre-book and complete all 12hrs and receive a discount.

1 person – Private Lessons = We reduce our rate from $175/hr to $150/hr
2 people – Bring A Friend = Sharing the instructor, the gear, and the experience with someone else in your group.  2 people sharing one instructor and complete 12hrs $100/hr per person
3 people – Bring A Friend =Sharing the instructor, the gear, and the experience with someone else in your group.  3 people sharing one instructor and complete 12hrs $83.33/hr per person

We can arrange a custom schedule for you based on the tides, though some proposed schedules include:
3hrs of kite lessons x 4 days
2hrs of kite lesson x 6 days
2 – 2hr of kite lesson x 3 days

Contact us for more info or to reserve your time now!

Ultimate Experience Camp – 15hrs     
Booked as 3 hour lessons over 5 days! Must complete all 15hrs to receive the discounted pricing. 1  person = Private Lessons $1,999 ($133.26/hr) Sharing the instructor, the gear, and the experience with someone else in your group and save money.  Complete 15hrs for 2 people = Bring A Friend $1,500 each 3 people = Bring A Friend $1,000 each

Independent rider – 10hrs
Booked as a 4 day Experience: 3hr lesson the first 2 days and then  2hr lessons the next 2 days. Must complete all 10hrs to receive the discounted pricing. 1  person = Private Lessons $1,499($150/hr) Sharing the instructor, the gear, and the experience with someone else in your group and save money.  Complete 15hrs for 2 people = Bring A Friend $999 each 3 people = Bring A Friend $799 each

Discounts is based on per instructor, not combining a group with multiple instructors. If you don’t complete all the hours of your program, the price falls back to normal group discount pricing or private lesson pricing.

Private Sessions: (2 hrs minimum $175 per hr)

If you are already kiteboarding or you are just looking for a more personalized kiteboarding experience, our private kite lessons are the course for you!  These are customized kiteboarding lessons one-on-one with our instructor to fit your needs.  It might be Just what you need to take your kiting to the next level.  This allows our instructors to adapt our teaching style to your learning style. If you are a total beginner and just prefer to have a private experience than this is the best choice for you. Private Kite lessons can be for any skill level, but are strongly suggested for any lesson beyond the first lesson.  Each private lesson is a customized experience that is just right for you!

Supervision (Minimum 2 hours - $75 per hr with your gear, $120  per hr with school gear)

Already up and riding? Join a supervised practice program! The ultimate goal is to get you, the student, independent of an instructor. Once you have achieved this skill level, you have the option to practice on your own, with supervision. You use our equipment while you practice the skills you have learned, under safe supervision of an instructor. Supervised Practice is designed for our previous students who can consistently ride.


In addition to advanced lessons and rentals we can help to create some truly amazing Kite Adventures for you to experience! These are for independent kiters who can already ride upwind and are looking to explore more of the amazing kite spots in the Turks and Caicos. There are three primary options to choose from:

• Pirate Ship Downwinder – Self guided downwinder, we take you there in our boat.
• Kite the Island – Explore the kiteboarding areas outside of Long Bay with a Kite Provo guide.
• Boat Led Kite Adventures – Endless possibilities to explore the archipelago.

Self – Guided Downwinder from the Pirate Ship

We take you upwind in our boat and drop you off just by the famous Pirate Ship off Long Bay Beach. This is the beach that made kiteboarding famous here for its huge shallow bank. During low tide you can stand almost 1.5 miles from the shore. The winds are side onshore and so you just do a self guided downwinder back to the beach going as slow or fast as you want.

Rates are charged by the person: 1 person $150 or >2 people $125 each

Kite the Island!

To take full advantage of your time in the Turks and Caicos, hire Kite Provo for an epic day of kiting. The exact location depends on the wind direction that day. This is priced to not include a boat, launching off the beach and exploring the less known kiteboarding areas that we love on our days off! Includes land transportation and fuel costs, any kite gear needed, water and some beer.

Rates are charged by the person (you supply the group) 1 person $450, 2 people $337.50 each, 3 people $283 each(you supply the group)

Boat Led Kite Adventures

Kite Provo has 2boats, one holds up to 5 people, the other larger boat will hold up to 10. You can charter either one, but the prices are different. Price is for the boat not per seat. It is up to you to provide the group.

Simple Men (panga_ - max 6 people. $700 for half day / $1,000 full day.

Caicos Catalyst (catamaran) - max 10 people

Morning Cruise: 9am to 1pm ($700 for 2 plus $50 for each additional passenger)

Afternoon/Sunset Cruise: 2pm to sunset ($800 for 2 plus $50 for each additional passenger)

Sunset Cruise: 5pm to Sunset ($400 for 4 plus $30 for each additional passenger)

All Day Cruise: 6-7 hours ($1,300 for 2 plus $75 for each additional passenger)

Please note: Unless you reserve lesson time in advance, all lessons are subject to instructor availability upon arrival. Lessons are normally scheduled to begin on your first full-day though the exact lesson schedule is subject to wind conditions as well as other factors. Any unused pre-booked lesson time can be retained as a credit towards a future trip or towards additional services while on your current trip.

We invite experienced kiters to join us on the water! Let our knowledgeable team help you get informed on the local conditions and restricted zones before you go out, and feel free to ask for help through beach assistance when launching / landing if you need it.