The launch area at Pigeon Point beach is a great calm water location making it an ideal place to learn how to kitesurf. Beach training is conducted on Pigeon Point beach. Body dragging sessions are started on just a few meters off the beach in shallow standing areas, and then you are collected by watercraft to practise your water starts in wide open areas, helping you to relax and concentrate on the learning process.

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Stage 1:

Learn to fly trainer kites on the beach, these are normally Ram Air kites or small C-kites. Areas such as safety, set up, launching, piloting the kite, landing, water re-launch and self rescue are covered.


Stage 2:

Body Drag. This is where the fun really begins and we increase the size of the kites and enter the water. As the term describes, you body drag through the water using your kite to pull you along. During stage 2 you really get the feel for the kites, you will be flying either C-kites or Bow Kites. Your instructor will follow you and coach you from the support boat. Inevitably you will crash the kite in the water, but the skills learnt in the first stage will enable you to re-launch the kite from the water, and get back having fun flying the kite.


Stage 3:

This stage will vary depending on your board skills. If you have wake boarded, snow boarded, skate boarded or surfed, you might advance to a big board and kite. If you have no boarding experience we suggest taking a wake board lesson. With the skills learnt on a wake board lessons the transition to the kite board is usually smoother and easier. Once up and riding we will teach you the correct stance, piloting of the kite, getting up wind, recovery of your board, turning and much more.



Ready to practice on your own to develop your skills, but still want some peace of mind that support is at the ready? More info coming soon!!!



Strapped or Strapless ... what's your style? You can try the new Cabrinha Double Agent, Secret Weapon or Proto among some other toys in our Cabin of Toys. 



Drop in on some new skills with surf lessons at one of the many reef breaks available here! Whats really convenient is that our Centre is located inside a Fridge reef so its possible to Kite and Windsurf in the waves as well as enjoy the flats. Also we have one of the reef breaks thats a 5 minute paddle from the centre where you can try Imagine Surf Kalama, Icon, Carve, Surfer or JP Venus, Surf Wide Body, regular wide body or Windsurf SUP. Regular wave surfing is also only a few minutes away to some world class wave spots.