Tobago is one of two islands known as the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, and although the smaller of the two this is where the bulk of the overall tourism takes place. Far down the chain of the southern Caribbean, the island lies outside the hurricane belt and is blessed by plenty of strong consistent wind for much of the year. The NEW Vela Tobago center @ Radical Sports Tobago is located at the northern tip of Pigeon Point Heritage Park. Here you'll find absolutely great conditions for all levels: because of a large fringe reef protecting the inland shore, the waters are flat and shallow making learning and free riding easy and enjoyable. The same reef creates some fantastic surf breaks to explore.

This spot is also the ultimate location for couples or families with mixed abilities: in addition to the stellar kiting conditions, you will also find a restaurant, bar, restrooms, shade (Sun chairs and huts) play billiards, table tennis and even foosball. Its’ truly an ideal location for those with non-kiters coming along for the trip. The world famous Nylon pool protected by the Buccoo Reef is an ideal spot for non-kiters to get out and snorkel, SUP, kayak, swim, or just relax. The island is also full of other things to do like wave surfing, waterfalls, off-road jeep safari tours, zip line, scuba and so much more. 


Radical Sports Tobago 2016 from brett on Vimeo.



Check out the link above complete info, but before you take the next steps, here are some some quick details regarding passport / visa requirements.

Passport - Required / Visa - No Need ... easy and smooth process for entry!

Passport - Required / Visa - No Need ... easy and smooth process for entry!

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