The Philippines, officially known as the Republic of the Philippines and located in Southeast Asia, consists of an astonishing 7,107 islands with a total of nearly 23,000 miles of coastline. It is along a small section of this massive beachfront where you will find a truly unspoiled stretch of the coast with plenty of wind and absolutely amazing wave-sailing conditions on a private launch and simple "resort" at Kingfisher Beach, home to Vela Philippines.

Situated in Pagudpud, a very small and remote town in the northernmost tip of the Philippines, you can expect to get away from it all ... the nearest ATM or is 2 hours away in the city of Laoag, and because of the distance from urban areas cell phone and internet connections may only be available some of the time. But who cares! This is a trip for those seeking out a different kind of experience. A real adventure. 

What you lose in modern conveniences and the normal "Vela Vacation" experience is made up for with an amazing natural paradise. The accommodations and facilities are not fancy, but you will find the full service windsurf and kitesurf center will meet all of your needs. Also, the center and hotel is located on a private beachfront - they normally do not accept walk-ins and day trippers to use the beach. This prevents the spot from EVER getting over-crowded.


Check out the link above complete info, but before you take the next steps, here are some some quick details regarding passport / visa requirements.