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Maui offers an incredible place to learn how to windsurf or to enhance your skills, no matter what level of ability. Our partner for all instruction is Maui’s oldest and largest windsurfing school:HST (Hawaiian Sailboard Techniques). Owner Alan and Patti Cadiz and their staff have been setting the standards in windsurfing instruction and providing amazing learning experiences for students since 1985. Their instructors' high level of skill allows them to sail right next to you on the water, giving you the confidence to learn in a safe environment. Whether you’re learning to use your footstraps, sail your board upwind, or get up and ride your kite board your HST instructor is right there with you in the water. This provides you with greater confidence, comfort, immediate feedback for faster learning, and it ensures a safe, quality windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Stand up surfing experience. HST's full-time administrator tailors lessons to fit your ability, budget, schedule, and goals.onfidence and the coaching you need to excel quickly. Lessons are taught at Kanaha Beack Park, a beautiful spot for windsurfing, kitesurfing and picnicking. It is a half mile stretch of sand, broken only by two small jetties defining the protected swim area. A full-time team of life guards watches over the park area. This 60 acre park has showers, bathrooms, and over 200 parking stalls. The sailing at Kanaha is world-class. Light wind is typical for the morning hours (which is why we schedule our entry level class at 9:00 AM), and by noon the wind is strong enough for shortboard sailing! Let's go windsurfing! 


As all lessons are by appointment only, reservations are recommended as far in advance as possible.

Beginner lessons are scheduled for the morning session starting around 9:00, run 2.5 hours per session, and is taught in a group of 2 or 3 students per instructor. Includes all windsurf gear during lesson time. Prices: 1 lesson ($99 + tax) / 2 lessons ($189 + tax) / 3 lessons ($279 + tax) / 4 lessons ($359 + tax)

Level 1: Introduction
Big boards and small sails will have you sailing out and back on your first lesson. Learn the basics of sail trim, board steering, and turning around in your first lesson. Things start off with a brief orientation on the beach, then in the water your instructor will teach you to steer and turn around and sail in before you sail out. Stable boards, easy to handle sail, and good instruction equal immediate success. All equipment is included during instruction. The HST school van takes the school boards to Kanaha beach every morning. For entry level and long board sailing all you need is a bathing suit, sun screen, and a towel; we provide everything else!

Level 2: Long Board Sailing
Once you've got the basics covered, the next step is on the Long Board. This is a great way to learn new maneuvers, such as beach starts, harnessing, tacking, and jibing. Learning these skills on a big board will help you master them on your short board. Long board sailing lessons are held every morning and afternoon. Practice your jibe on these stable boards, and learning to jibe a short board will be significantly easier.

For anyone working on waterstarts or who has progressed during the start of the trip, you will move into the next level of instruction. Individualized, private instruction that is catered to your specific needs, whether that may be jibing, stance, footstraps, jumping, etc. Private lessons DO NOT include windsurf gear: you will need to have a separate rental with your package. (NOTE: Lessons can be arranged as Semi-Private at the same price) Most advanced lessons begin after 12:00 noon, on call for ideal winds depending on what you are working on.
Prices: 1.5 Hour ($99 + tax ) / 6-Hour Package ($499 + tax)

Level 3: Waterstarting
Mastering water starts is the ticket to riding a short board. Once you achieve this challenging maneuver, you'll wonder why it was so hard to learn. Working with an instructor is highly recommended, as you will receive help rigging and tuning your gear, if it is needed. Then your lesson will start on the beach, where you will practice segments of the waterstart.

Level 4: Short Board Sailing
There is more to riding a short board than just jibing. Sailing up wind, using a harness and footstraps, and fine turning your sail are all skills that will help you sail with less effort. Learning with an instructor who will sail with you on the water makes all the difference.

Level 5: Jibing
There is a substantial leap in your learning curve when you complete more jibes than you miss. Falling at the end of a run means wrestling the sail out of the water, burning calories, and losing time; important commodities that you could have been spent getting upwind or setting up for your next jibe or wave ride. Completing your jibe almost doubles your sailing and learning time.

Specialized kids boards and sails are designed to make learning easy & fun. Children as young as six years old can now experience the thrills of windsurfing. We do require an ability to swim and willingness to try. All entry level students wear a life vest and water shoes.

In June, July and August we offer Kids Summer Camps for ages 6 to 15. All abilities welcome! Learning to windsurf will be safe, fun and easy with our specialized boards and rigs. We will have you sailing in and out on your first day. Learn the basics of sail control, board steering, turning and rigging. More advanced sailors will progress to waterstarting and beyond! Our 3-Day Camp for Beginner to Advanced Beginner takes place on the best wind days Monday through Saturday during the week of your vacation. All equipment is provided, including life jacket, or bring your own and we’ll help you learn to use it. Lessons take place at Kanaha Beach Park on the far east end known as "The Cove" where the shallow sandy-bottom conditions make for a great place to learn. Students should meet at 8:45 am to be ready to go for the lesson starting at 9am and ending at 11:30am. Bring a snack, water, a towel, sunscreen, and a hat.
Prices: 3-Day Camp ($229 + tax)

Intermediate and advanced coaching is then offered daily, 12:30 to 2:30, though you will need to bring your own gear. Prices: 1.5 hour ($99 + tax )

Ever sailed with the pros? Shawna Cropas, Matt Pritchard, and others are available to meet with you to work on whatever skills you hope to improve. No need to be intimidated by their bios: these guys LOVE to teach, any level of ability. Times subject to wind conditions and instructor availability. Lesson DO NOT include gear: you will need to have a separate rental with your package. (NOTE: Lessons can be arranged as Semi-Private at the same price)
Prices: $280 per 2-Hour session, including GoPro video analysis, plus a recording of your session and photos to take home.

Please contact us if you are interested in arranging a specialized clinic with local professionals for your group. Ideal when staying on the Northshore at a privately owned guest house with on-site launch and equipment storage. Anything you want to arrange, we can do it. Join us for a weeklong clinic learning from two incredible coaches, Shawna Cropas!