Lessons organized by Vela Maui assure only experienced IKO certified instructors – many of them pro riders – employing the very latest teaching techniques with the newest Cabrinha gear. Whether you are a first day novice or seasoned veteran, you can be guaranteed a great kitesurfing experience. To make sure you get the most out of your time, lessons are private, 1-on-1 only. Like what you're riding? You can purchase any Cabrinha product from the NeilPryde Maui store, always the first in the world to get the latest models.

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Kitesurf Lessons

Vela Kitesurf services on Maui are provided by our partners at KSMaui and HST. Both have a team of IKO certified instructors who are all eager to share knowledge about the sport they love. Instruction for all ability levels are available in private lessons. If you have already booked time in advance please make sure to check-in at the Vela Maui center either the day before your lesson or at 09:00 the day of your first lesson. All lessons take place at Kite Beach, which is within Kanaha Beach Park, to the west of the main windsurfing area. We always recommend booking lessons in advance to ensure your spot on the schedule. Note that it is not allowed to reserve lessons off the beach due to (another) county ordinance. Contact us if you need to reserve some time on the water.


Kitesurf Equipment and Rentals

Our integrated school is powered by the latest Cabrinha and North equipment. Experienced kiters and students ready to take gear out on their own are welcome to get on the water with our fleet. Rentals will not be provided until proof of level-3 IKO certification (or similar) or completion of lessons and receipt of level 3 IKO certification.


Bringing Your Own Gear?

Experienced kiters are of course invited to bring personal gear. Make sure that you are aware of local conditions and rules-of-the-beach, and now your limits: if in doubt, don't go out! Check with our staff for forecasts and any information you need before heading out.