Getting there

Getting there

How Do I Get To Vela Maui?

Maui may be located in the middle of the Pacific ocean, but getting there is nearly as simple as it could be. Guests from the US can travel without a passport (yeah ... it IS the 50th state afterall) while visitors from other countries will have the same entry requirements as with travel withing any other part of the US. Simple, straightforward, and altogether easy, here are the simple steps to get yourself to your home-away-from-home on Maui. This page is subdivided into the following two topics:

Kahului International (OGG)

There are of course several major islands in Hawai'i to choose from, but if you want to travel on a Vela package, you'll be coming to Maui! Even on Maui there are a few airports to choose from, but the most common, most convenient, and most likely spot your arrive is Kahului (OGG). Many carriers offer daily non-stop and one-stop flights: so easy.

The Kahului airport luggage area will give you your first sense of the warm tropical weather you've been waiting for! Once you have your bags, follow the signs to the rental car area, a short 100 yards away from the main terminal.After you arrive go straight to baggage claim then follow the signs to the RENTAL CAR check-in area ... you will need a car on Maui!

Getting around Maui ... rental car required.

Although Vela offers a variety of great beachfront properties for your vacation in paradise, keep in mind that there is no beachfront Vela center with gear rigged (or pumped) and ready to launch: you will need to pick up your rentals plus surf racks and either bring everything back to your home-away-from-home, or be mobile to reach the many sailing and kiting areas around the island.

Vela offers cars through Dollar with great pricing on weekly rentals. Once you get to the airport rental car check-in center, you will have a short bus ride to the Dollar lot. After signing all their many forms (and keeping or waiving their many insurance options) you will be given a map plus keys to your ride on the island!

Northshore or Southshore

Depending on where you have chosen to stay, you could have as short as a 10 minute drive to a guest house along Maui's Northshore, or as far as a 1 hour drive to the beautiful condos and resorts in Kihei or Wailea located on the Southshore. Either way, when you make a reservation with Vela you will be provided with driving directions and check-in information to help make your final step to "getting there" as smooth as possible.