getting there

Learn to kiteboard under the guidance of our expert and certified instructors that have been leading the sport since its conception! All of the lesson programs are well thought out, organized, and professionally executed: this provides a plan that keeps you on track. Formalized classroom time will help to discuss complicated subjects allowing students to understand the theories that you will be putting into practice on the water. One on the water, inflatable Zodiak boats and waverunners will be trailing behind you to maximize your learning time and minimize the amount of walking. Learning one skill at a time in an easy to comprehend way that builds a strong foundation of self sufficiency. 

All lessons take place on-location at the kitesurf center and school at Waves Village: you can transition from the land to the water by simply walking across the property. A private beach ensures that launch access it is always safe and available for your training. Certified instructors will guide you with an upwind boat ride and go over set-up and launch and then work through the waters back to the training center and resort. The water is all flat and waist deep to make your learning even easier! The soft sand bottom is perfect and the winds are as consistent as you will find anywhere. Finish the day with a shower at our pro shop and enjoy the sunset view from our waterfront deck!


Experience power kiting with our power kite experts! One hour of action packed power kiting fun! A great introductory course for those interested in getting into kite traction such as kite landboarding, kite buggying, snow kiting, or a pre-cursor to our famous “Way to Fly” Kiteboarding Course.

This is a comprehensive course designed for those that want to learn to ride! This course includes the 2 hr Learn to Fly Course and the 3 hr Begin to Board Course.

The Way to Fly combines the group setting of our Fly and Ride Course with the individualized attention of a Private Lesson over the course of two days. Certified instructors help you develop a solid understanding of kite knowledge and control on the first day as you spend several hours in the water working in small groups developing your kite control while also learning to body drag, self rescue and stand up on the board for your first water starts and riding. On your second day, take your kiteboarding a step further with a custom-tailored private lesson so that are riding comfortably downwind by the end of this package!

This comprehensive lesson package provides the most thorough option for anyone with no kiteboarding experience to truly learn to kiteboard. On the first day we will introduce you to the sport in small groups through our Fly & Ride course, but then our PASA certified instructors will provide you with two (2) days of individualized attention that will help you progress from a beginner to being able to kiteboard on your own. If you’re serious about getting into the sport, this is the package for you! Day 1 - Fly & Ride Course Day 2 - Private Lesson & Supervised Riding Day 3 - Private Lesson & Supervised Riding

Fully customized one-on-one kiteboarding lessons designed to establish your goals and then obtain them! We can tailor this course to fit your level from total beginner to advanced tricks!

Utilize our watercraft and staff to help you enhance your Kiteboarding experience. Kiteboarding equipment rental is included!

Camps give you the inside edge to learn the sport faster and safer – while having more fun! An incredible experience that goes beyond your expectations. We do this by offering you the best Instructors, Equipment, Organized, Professional & Proven Lesson Plans, the Perfect Location, and ridiculous deals on Kite + Board Packages.

Camps for 3 students can be scheduled anytime! You and two buddies can learn to kiteboard together and get the special camp rate! It’s more fun to learn with your friends! Camps consist of 2 days of intensive kiteboarding lessons from 10am-4pm each day. You get more in two days than others give you in three or more days! Be prepared to work hard and play hard! Fast Track Camps are intensive 2-day camps designed to take you from no experience to riding comfortably in a small group setting. You and a couple friends (groups of 3 required) will develop your foundation of kiteboarding skills and knowledge quickly from our certified instructors, and the camps can be conveniently customized to meet the demands of your schedule.