"El Jefe"

Top dog, ringmaster, da boss…. You get the picture!!!




Naiyeni will organize your dream vacation, from your pickup at the airport to a beautiful accommodation with kite/windsurfing/SUP lessons and choice of gear to use. She is the best!



Fitness/SUP/Yoga Teacher

Longevity as a world class elite athlete is rooted in her commitment to quality, balance, and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Wind/kite/SUP/Surf, waterwomen, Audrey enjoys to share her motivation and knowledge to everyone who need courage to transform their minds, bodies, and spirits towards a healthier, happier life..



Windsurf Instructor

With a wealth of experience gained over many years at his usual post in Vela Margarita, Alex
knows all the tips and tricks to advance your windsurfing no matter what your level.



Windsurf Head Instructor

and IRONMAN ! That speaks by itself ... respect !



Windsurf Instructor

Not only an amazing windsurfer, Filipo will bring your inner windsurfer out and teach you the basics to master the skills of windsurfing, even if you want to learn to nail some freestyle tricks.

Surfer and paddle boarder, Filippo can bring you along his morning surfing sessions or teach you paddle boarding in Cabarete Bay, right in front of Vela.



Windsurf Instructor

Sam arrived on a boat in the Dominican Republic and hasn't left since! Super patient and is dedicated to providing a fun learning experience to all his students, Sam is also a great surfer and paddle boarder. He is looking forward to see you in the waves of Cabarete!!