getting there

Unlike other beaches of the region, Kite Beach naturally sheltered inside Jericoacoara bay and not on the open-ocean, and therefore does not have the oceanic swell seen in most beaches. Most flat water spots in the region are small lagoons, which tend to get overcrowded. Because of the distance to the launch, we’ve created a mobile center to store your gear, plus provide shade and cold water right on the water’s edge providing the ultimate in convenience. With offshore winds, safety is an obvious concern so lessons boat-guided by our highly trained instructors. Advanced kiters should bring their own kite gear.


1. STEP 1: Kite Control (Introductory Course)
Duration: 3 hours
Equipment (kite, harness, life vest and a helmet)
Goal: You will learn how to fly a kite, launching, landing, safety systems, and how to be in control. Emphasis is on safety and kite control.

2. STEP 2: Body Drag
Duration: 3 hours
Equipment (kite + board+ harness+ helmet +life vest)
Goal: You will learn about safety systems, sheeting systems and their effects on steering. Practice on the simulator. Body dragging downwind and upwind, “searching the board”. Relaunch the kite from the water. First exercises with the board and start making short reaches.

3. STEP 3: Water Start
Duration: 3 hours
Equipment (kite + board+ harness+ helmet + life vest)
Goal:. Riding both ways. Ride upwind.

4. Private Lessons
Duration: 1.5 hours per session or a discounted package with 9 hours
Equipment: (kite + board+ harness+ helmet + life vest)
Goals: This is a customized lesson. Staying up wind, heal/toe side turns, jumping, spinning or wave riding. Check availability for freestyle/wakestyle tricks.

Whether you want to learn the basics of windsurfing or fine-tune your more advanced skills, Vela has highly qualified instructors on hand to be of assistance. Vela provides its students with a full range of the latest equipment from JP, Neilpryde and Starboard in various sizes and models which best suit every level or need of sailor.

Basic introduction to windsurfing: safety, understanding the wind, sailing (stance, sail control, steering), tack. Price is $80 for a 1.5 Hour lesson, or $135 for for two 1.5 Hour lessons. ***All gear included during instruction time with beginner lessons.***


Intermediate: beach start, water start, harness, pivot jibe, fast tack

Advanced: Footstraps, Planing Jibe, Siker Tack, Helicopter Tack, Jumping

Freestyle: Duck Jibe, Donkey Jibe, Backwind Jibe, Carving Jibe 360, Ducking 360, Duck Tack, Haas Tack, Forward Loop, Vulcan, Gecko-Flaca

Price: $100 for each 1.5 Hour lesson, or upgrade to a discounted Advancing Lesson Pack for only $300 with a total of 6 Hours of lesson time.


*All lessons are Private one-on-one with a professional instructor. Gear not included, so separate rentals are required.

**This season lessons will be offered from mid-July through mid-January.

***Lessons can be booked in advance with Vela as part of your package and is recommended due to high demand. Lessons can also be booked on-site at the windsurf center, subject to availability and may be at a higher price.


Safety is the most important priority and that is why all our safety services are of highest standards and for free. All waterfront staff have been trained and certified in First Aid by the Life Guard Federation of Brazil. Vela Jericoacoara has a comprehensive monitoring system that enables staff to keep an exact account of clients who are sailing on the water. Vela Jericoacoara has a person monitoring sailors with binoculars at all times. Guests are informed of the sailing limits in which they can sail safely inside the monitored zone and be sure of a rescue in case of injury or equipment damage. The windsurfing area is equipped with two brand new rescue boats in case of emergency. All beach staff are also equipped with two way radio's to keep each other informed of any safety issues. We can also all help each other by keeping an extra look around. Remember it is easy to help!