Wind Reports

Wind Reports

BIG NEWS! What is the one thing all windsurfers and kitesurfers fear when booking their watersports vacation? A chance there is no wind and the feeling of a lot of time and money wasted. Fear no more, we have you covered. Our wind warranty gives you the confidence to book a watersports vacation for this September with the assurance of wind - or your money back!

100% Refund:
Warranty applicable for transfers, hotel & windsurf or kitesurf equipment rental 

September Dates: 
Valid for all dates in September. Minimum vacation period of 7 days 

Force 4: 
If more than 50% of your vacation is below Force 4 (11 knots / 13 mph), we will give you a full refund

Both Jericoacoara and Icaraizinho are known for being places of stunning natural beauty, fantastic conditions and are often hailed as the 'mecca' of watersports vacations. From July to January, at least 90% of days provide enough winds to get up and planing and having fun! his incredible statistic means it is almost guaranteed you will be able to windsurf most days during these months. 

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Icarazinho offers a diverse and amazing windsurfing spot (or spots). Like Jericoacoara, both places are situated in bays with specific wave points. The center has its porch right on the beach on the upwind side of the bay, just next to the point. You will find a big flat water area by the center, which is protected by a reef. During low tide the reef sticks up outside this area and stops nearly all water movement , and you will have the whole bay as a perfect freeride / freestyle area. Most part of the inner bay is waist / shoulder deep which makes it a perfect beginner spot, especially during the mornings with lighter winds. As the tide raises smaller waves appear which are perfect for easy wave practice. Three minutes upwind sailing from the freeride / freestyle area you will find Icarazinho’s wave spot. A reef, combined with fishermen’s old wood logs creates a break for the more advance waverider / jumper.