Getting there

Getting there

How Do I Get To Jericoacoara and Icaraizinho?

Jericoacoara, or “Jeri” as it’s fondly known, is a beach located on the Northeast coast of Brazil, in the state of Ceara, 300kms west of the state capital, Fortaleza. Until about 20 years ago, it was an isolated fishing village without any contact with modern civilization. And although the primitive days are over, this is still an amagzing place to visit, and things are still just as beautiful as ever, but you still need to get yourself there to experience it for yourself! This page is subdivided into the following topics:

Flying to Fortaleza airport (FOR)

OK. Get ready for a somewhat longer trip than you may be used to ... but trust us: many guests have come back year after year: its well worth the effort! Plus, with the extra travel time (1-day plus) involved with getting there, visitors often choose to spend 10-nights tow 2-weeks instead of the normal "one-week" vacation, allowing you more time to simply relax and get away from it all.

Several Unless you are traveling from Europe or within another part of South America, you WON'T find are flights directly to Fortaleza (FOR). Eventually your path will reach FOR, but any search for flights will include a stop in at least one of these major cities in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro (RIO), Sao Paolo (GRU), Recife (REC), Brasila (BSB), Manaus (MAO), and others. Whatever city you reach first, you will likely need to go through customs, retrieve your luggage, then continue back through the shortcut to re-check your bags and continue with the last flight of your journey: Fortaleza! : you are in Brazil!

Tourist Visa: Do you need one?

But before you buy your tickets .... note: US and Canadian citizens will need both a CURRENT PASSPORT and TOURIST VISA for entry into Brazil. This process can take up to a few weeks and will take some paperwork plus certified-mail before you get both your passport and your official Tourist Visa back into your hands.

To those poor souls who are reading this at the last-minute: you MAY be able to expedite the process but only with expensive service: US citizens could see a 3-4 day turnaround time, while Canadian citizens will have AT LEAST 10 business days to wait.

The good news is, once you have it, the Tourist Visa is valid for 5 years of travel, so ... you can plan last-minute NEXT year. Then a few more years after that. :)

Getting to Jericoacoara or Icaraizinho ... and back.

Once you (eventually) arrive at the Fortaleza (FOR) airport, you will then likely see it pass you by through the window of your private (or shared) taxi arranged with Vela. After you go through customs and claim your bags, you want to head towards the exit. Both the International and the Domestic terminals will feed into the same area within the main airport building.

The 190 miles (300 km) between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara can be explained as: 150 miles (230 km) of asphalt, 31 miles (50km) of dirt road, and the last 12 miles (20km) is a maze of soft sand, only for 4WD vehicles. Private transfers depart from Fortaleza at any time and place (airport or hotel), and follow the shortest way possible straight to Jeri. The trip should last about 4 hours.

The trip to Icaraizinho is shorter, 100 miles (190 km), and can be explained as: 90miles (175km) of asphalt, 10miles (15km) of dirt road, made for 4WD vehicles. The trip should last about 3 hours.!

Getting to Jericoacoara or Icaraizinho ... and back.

Wondering if Jeri or Icarai is best for your holiday? The true answer: BOTH. Two vacations in one! A COMBO trip makes it all possible. And although you COULD choose to take one of the normal taxis (back out the sand / dirt roads to the highway) the most exciting way to reach your second paradise is to use the most common vehicle used to navigate Brazil’s sand covered streets: dune buggies!

Travelling on the beach most of the time, crossing rivers in small rafts, and weaving your way through several small fishermen villages, where you can still watch the authenticity of the local life. There are some particular places recommended to visit along the way, such as the sea-turtle conservation base from TAMAR in the town of Almofala, or the small native Indian communities.

Keep in mind: this is a half-day buggy trip and we guarantee you an unforgettable adventure, with a deep immersion in the Brazilian native culture. But, if you prefer to skip the buggy adventure and reach your second paradise in a fast and comfortable vehicle with A/C via the normal roads, we can do that do!