All lessons are arranged with the local staff and are included free of charge as part of your package, though the topics covered will be limited to the skills of the staff on hand during your trip. The conditions are perfect for beginners and intermediates, with varied conditions to challenge any experienced sailor.
Vela Kitesurf Belize, our integrated Vela kitesurfing school is powered by the latest Cabrinha equipment. Every package offers elligible guests a free beginner lesson on basic kite techniques, using our small trainer kites near the beach. Basic kite control is taught along with introductory skills such as wind awareness and equipment familiarization. There is an easily accessible shoal off one point of the island where we fly our trainer kite, which employs the new SLE design, allowing the kite to be de-powered and more precisely controlled. Guests can learn basic kite flying skills such as water launches, directional control, loops, and power strokes.

If you'd like to continue with more time, boat-guided lessons for all ability levels and excels at getting beginners up and riding in the fantastic conditions Belize has to offer. Skills such as basic kite control, body drags, power strokes, board launching, and upwind reaches will be taught in a progression of lessons out on the sand flats surrounding the island. Guests can enroll for advanced lessons on their way to becoming a proficient kiteboarder, covering all aspects and skills need to master the sport.

Lessons are taught on either Semi-Private ($150 per person per 2-hour session) or Private ($200 per 2-hour session) basis with our professional and dedicated instructor. All lessons are scheduled according to your sign-up date. You can reserve time in advance or once you get on the island, but you don't pay until after the lesson has been completed.

Note: Equipment insurance is required for students taking kitesurf lessons. Beginners are extremely tough on the gear, and although we expect normal wear and tear over time, we have seen students destroy brand new, $1,500 kites in a single session. Rather than ask students to accept complete liablity for the gear if they ruin it, we use an insurance fee to spread the risk in the event of major damage. Fees are $25 per student for the first lesson and $15 per student for each subsequent lesson.
If you are an independent kiter we encourage you to travel with your own gear, and we will help to keep on eye on you when out on the water. We will provide a great selection of boards for advanced kitesurfers who want to get out and ride on their own. By having a mix of twin tip and directional boards available, kiters will only have to bring along kites and harnesses to avoid the hassle of traveling with boards. NOTE: We will not kites except for school use during formal lessons.

Kiting conditions are excellent at our island with good winds almost every day, an open beach to launch from, smooth water conditions inside the atoll, and open sea swells outside the channel next to the island. We also have an excellent surf break off the point of the island which is easily accessible for kiteboarders. We recommend kiteboarders bring two sizes of kites, a 14-16m and a 9-12m to cover the average conditions found on the island.

Because those kiting on their own are expected to be proficient enough to self-rescue, anyone requiring a rescue will be charged a fee of $50 for a motorboat pickup. Guests may also buddy-up and rescue each other using kayaks to avoid this additional charge. Kiters who feel they may need a rescue but don’t want a full lesson can sign up for the supervised practice sessions also available at $100/session. If you go out for a practice session, but actually needed a full lesson once you go out, the practice session could turn into a full lesson at the regular price.