Families and Kids

Families and Kids

Adventure in Belize with Kids:
Kids enjoy snorkeling, you just wade in and swim, no long boat rides to snorkel spots!Looking for help with family vacation planning? Our private island (Long Caye) in Belize is the perfect family vacation destination for fun times on one of the best beaches in Belize as well as multi-sport tours or day tours to ancient Mayan ruins. We offer special rates for kids 11 and under (view chart below) and we also have special discount vacation packages for groups of 4 or more. Kids also receive substantial discounts when you combine our Belize holiday packages for an extended stay. If you would like to charter a trip (reserved only for your group of 24+) please request our charter policy. Please note: kids are welcome on any trip we offer! There are no special "kids dates". Children under 18 traveling without both legal parents will be required by the airline to show proof (in the form of a notarized letter) that the legal parent(s) not present gives permission for the child to travel to Belize.

Minimum age restrictions on our family adventure vacations, which are required due to the difficulty of several of our sport activities
Adventure Island at Glover's Reef: 3
Diving on Glover's Reef: 8
Belize Adventure Week: 10
If you wish to bring children under the age of three on the Adventure Island at Glover's Reef, this may be arranged by both talking to our office about the reasons for the age limit and by hiring a babysitter, read more about that option below. Please note: we require that all kids visiting the island are already potty trained.

3-6 years (Approx. 40% off)
-Have to be with one parent/guardian at all times; booked in the same hotel room/cabana as parents.
-Parents are responsible for monitoring children; guides or island staff cannot serve as a baby-sitter.
-Single parents intending to dive or participate in excursions/activities must have another adult in their party to stay with the kids.

7-11 years (Approx. 20% off)
-Have to be within calling distance of one parent/guardian at all times.
-May be booked in the same hotel room/cabana as parents.
-Depending on the age, children are encouraged to participate in easier excursions.
-Parents are responsible for monitoring participation and behavior; guide or island staff cannot serve as a baby-sitter.
-This age group cannot join the adults while diving (they are limited to a 6 foot depth limit); therefore, children must be accompanied by more than one adult if one adult intends to dive.
-On Belize Adventure Week there is a weight limit for one activity,

12+ years (All rates the same as adult rates)
-Counted as an adult, full participation in all activities.

Scuba diving for kids: Kids ages 8 and 9 may take the Bubblemaker course which has a 6-foot depth limit and takes one-half day. Kids ages 10 and 11 may be able to dive as a regular diver, this age limit is under the discretion of our Dive Instructor. Kids ages 12 and over may get certified to dive, or take the one-half day Discover Scuba course if they wish. Non-divers or snorkelers will not be able to join divers on the boat while divers are diving or taking courses. If the child is in a dive course, he will not be able to dive with his parents until he is certified, unless the parents are also students in the same course. During courses students must dive with a Dive Instructor while certified divers dive with a Dive Master. The two groups may share the boat ride to a dive, but they will not be diving together. Also, when the student is doing skills with the Instructor, we have found in the past that having family members along who are just watching and not taking the course at the same time tend to distract from the lesson. After the course is completed, the child will be certified and then they can all dive together as certified divers.

No un-escorted minors: On all trips, minors, (under 18), must be accompanied by an adult.

Island drinking age: All parents are responsible for enforcing the island 21-year age drinking rule since we use a self-service beer and alcohol system.

Kids' rates do not apply over the Christmas and New Years holiday: Kid's discounts are not available during these weeks. All kids pay the adult rate, regardless of age. These are the most popular weeks of the year, and we turn away hundreds of guests every year for the Christmas holiday weeks. Our limited cabana space means that kids receiving a substantial discount displace full paying guests.

Kids on our most active Belize adventure vacation:
The minimum age on our Belize Adventure Week trip is 10. Children ages 10 and 11 may not be able to participate in all activities. It is at the discretion of the guide, based on safety reasons, to assess the child’s physical capabilities for each activity. If the guide decides that it is unsafe for the child to participate, a parent will either have to sit the activity out with the child, or hire a babysitter at a cost to the parent of $25 US/day. This assessment can only take place after the guide has met the child and also is weather-dependent (high water due to rain can drastically alter the difficulty level of our activities.) There is a 100 lb weight limit for the waterfall rappelling. If your child is below that weight, Bocawina Falls will be substituted and one parent must accompany the child on this activity.