Belize - Private Island Experience!



Picture yourself on a private island, lost in the Caribbean. No modern conveniences, no schedules, no problems. Sound like a fantasy? You can experience it yourself on our new adventure island retreat in Belize. A nation famous for its reefs, and Glover’s Reef is considered the most pristine in the country. Perched on the brink of the continental shelf, the island base lies on the slender ring of Glover’s Atoll, 35 miles off the mainland. In all, there are over 700 patch reefs brimming with the richest variety of marine life in the Caribbean. In recognition of the outstanding quality of the ecosystem, the atoll has been designated a National Marine Reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site to protect it for future generations.

Perfect for all levels, beginners through expert. Lessons are boat-guided and supplied with the latest gear from Cabrinha. Advanced kiters should bring their own gear as rentals are not available, though we will have twintip and direction boards available for you to use. Each day introduces a new sport: begin by paddling to magical snorkeling spots or to nearby islands, then the next day in surf kayaks shredding the waves just off our shore, or scuba diving the underwater “Wall” within swimming distance of the island. All gear is top-notch: surfboards, sea kayaks, fishing and surf kayaks, SUPs, and more. Scuba packages are also available.

With a maximum of 22 guests on the island during any week, there are NO problems with crowds! The kite spots are varied, with a nice beach launch site into the lagoon with plenty of space free from obstacles. In addition, our surf break is very kite friendly and immediately accessible off the front point of the island, and it normally sees a cross break wind that is perfect for setting up jumps. The open sea provides unlimited reaches in large swells, while the lagoon is perfect for high speed, smooth water runs.

Check out the link above complete info, but before you take the next steps, here are some some quick details regarding passport / visa requirements.

Passport - Required / Visa - No Need ... easy and smooth process for entry!

Passport - Required / Visa - No Need ... easy and smooth process for entry!

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