Peter-Paul "Pedro" Boot

In 2007 Peter took hold of the reigns passed by Lysta Lestock and is now coming into his TENTH season as 'El Jefe', running all things Vela! Peter-Paul Boot started windsurfing in 1978 while living in Kuwait. In 1986, while chasing the wind, Peter got his first teaching job at the Baja Surf Club in Los Barriles. During his seasons in Cabarete while teaching windsurfing and managing the Vela Center, Peter tried his hand at kiteboarding and helped to bring his teaching skills to Baja for over 5 years as the Dare2Fly manager/instructor. Nowadays, he is back to full time windsurfing and spending lots of hours sailing the sup boards reminding him of the good old days and loves riding them in big swell or the pacific waves!


Neil Howe

Originally from the UK, Neil turned his lifelong hobby into his profession when he became an RYA qualified windsurf instructor several years ago. Since then he has done stints in the Greek island of Rhodes and in the Caribbean islands of St Lucia and laterly The Dominican Republic at Vela Cabarete. This year Neil heads the team as senior windsurf instructor. He is also enjoying putting his other hobby of photography to use when regularly updating the Baja wind reports.



From Barcelona with several years teaching experience IKO qualified instructor Jordi has taught in far flung places such as Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands and Tarifa in Southern Spain.

In addition to kiting Jordi loves travelling, freediving and cooking! (The other staff members are stoked about the cooking skills :-) )

So whether you want to improve your kite skills or simply enjoy some awesome Paella - Jordi is your man!


Todd Simmler

Back in the saddle again, Todd has returned for a 9th season at Vela, where he will once again be the Lead Bike Guide. He has also been personally responsible for a lot of the new trails that continue to pop up all over the hillsides overlooking Los Barriles, and he can't wait to show you his handiwork ... just try and keep up!


Eugene Cathcart

Hailing from Oakridge, Oregon, Eugene has loved to be on a bike ever since he was little. He has traveled far and wide in search of awesome places to ride and fun people to ride with. Lucky for us, he has returned for his 4th full season and is excited to see the trails continue to evolve and progress, lead rides out to the beautiful trails around Los Barriles. He has also excelled with his progress kitesurfing, and received his IKO Instructor certification last season, with countless hours of successful lesson time with new and returning students. This year he will once again combine both his old passion (mountain biking) and his new love (kitesurfing) as Assistant Bike Guide AND Assistant Kite Instructor.



A new member to the team, we look forward to showing him around Baja! Come back soon for a photo and bio once he's reached Los Barriles ...


The bricks on our wall!

Our awesome volunteers.

Clockwise from back left, Michael, Rod, Hans, Matteo, Bev, Dean, Jane. There to stretch you in the mornings, check you on and off the water and help out your Vela staff in many more ways to numerous to mention. Where would we be without them!