Getting there

Getting there

How do I get to Vela Baja?

Vela Baja, Los Barriles, Baja California, Mexico ... it is just so so incredibly easy to get their, but it can be hard to leave! This page is subdivided into the following topics:

Flying to Los Cabos International (SJD)

Many carriers fly direct to the Los Cabos / San Jose Del Cabo airport (SJD), though book early to find the non-stop options available on select airlines. If you're flying into La Paz (LPB) that's OK too, just let us know in advance as we will need to let our drivers know where to pick you up. You will need a valid passport for travel, but there are no visa requirements of any kind. When you arrive you will go through immigration and pick up any checked luggage in baggage claim then should proceed to exit the terminal. You are now in Mexico!

Getting to Los Barriles and Vela Baja.

The drive from SJD to Vela Baja is a little over 1 hour along highway 1. Although you can choose to rent a car and drive yourself, note that most people find that this is not a good value: when its windy and you are playing all day, your car will simply sit in its parking spot. Leave the driving to us and schedule a private tranfer instead!

Make certain that you have contacted Vela well in advance to provide flight details (airline name, flight numbers, and arrival time) to ensure a successful transfer, and to notify us with any changes to your itinerary. We will ensure that a driver is awaiting your arrival outside of the terminal, and ready to get you to Vela Baja quickly and safely.

Once outside the main exit doors of the airport, look for your driver who will be holding a sign reading 'TT CABO DEL ESTE', and a 'VELA' sign with your name on it. The drivers will make themselves quite obvious but keep a lookout for the signs: there will likely be many other drivers hoping to "reel you in" for a ride. Note: ask the driver to stop at a market along the way, a great option to pick up a case of 'cervecas' to start off your trip!