Wind and Weather


Beautiful, warm, crystal-blue and clear water with several hundred yards of sandy bottom. Make a path through our flags marking the reefs, and you get closer towards the more exciting conditions outside on "The Blue Highway" with rolling swell and a bump & jump playground. Strong off-shore winds are often already getting started by the time we open our doors, and building throughout the day. Winds are a bit lighter inside allowing beginners to catch a break even on the windiest of days.

Before you make your plans to visit Vela Aruba, you should be aware of the following reality in the windsurfing area. First, it is important to understand that in Aruba, the resorts run basically south to north. Our center is located in front of the Aruba Marriott Resort, which had been the last resort in a long line of resorts on Palm Beach. However, the recently completed Ritz Carlton Resort is the newest resort, located directly next door and north of the Aruba Marriott Resort, and there are some affects to the wind that affects our guests' experience in the following ways ...

- The Ritz is in essence directly behind the center and windsurfing area closest to shore, causing a wind shadow and a 5-minute walk (in beautiful 80 degree crystal clear water with sandy bottom) to get out to the wind-line. This spot is indicated by flags as well as a floating water-cooler, known as the "Oasis", maintained by Vela Aruba;

- Our staff is eager to help suggest the ideal sail size to ensure less trips back to shore, as well as to help guests get in and out of the water with their gear, and (upon request) to even assist guests to and from the wind-line / "Oasis" area;

- Sailing further north towards the shipwreck can be a lot of fun, and we invite guests to request advice on how to get there / what to look out for ... maybe even ride with a Vela staff on break;

- Feedback from guests over the past year has ensured people are generally less impacted than they are expecting prior to arriving in Aruba;

Please let us know if you have any questions at all about windsurfing and kitesurfing in Aruba.