Equipment and Rentals


We guarantee great gear and plenty of it! Vela Aruba has purchased plenty of new boards to expand into higher performance as well as to upgrade their traditional rental fleet. Penty of 2018 and 2017 Cabrinha kites and boards including the most popular Switchblade model in nearly every size, plus Radar for the school. Freestylers will love a demo of the FX. Windsurfers can blast on the new JP Freestyle Wave Pro Edition boards which has proven for year that it can indeed do it all: great for bump & jump, freestyle, waves, and flat water blasting. The JP Super Lightwind 90 Pro can get you going on those rare light wind days, while the JP Magic Ride will get up on a plane faster than you ever thought possible! Or take the lively and fast JP X-Cite Ride or All-Ride Pro Editions and have fun! Solid and stable boards for kids and beginners too. We’re also equipped with plenty of NeilPryde sails from 2018, 2017 and 2016 models - many rigged on 100% carbon masts - to go along with our extensive fleet. If you happen to visit during the rare light wind days, are hoping for a change of pace from windsurfing and kiting (hard to believe), or need some exercise on the water, Vela also has plenty of great JP SUP boards to keep busy with or without winds!