Wind Reports

High season runs November through May each year, but being below the hurricane belt, the trade winds often sneak in even during the "off season". Winds are predominately side-shore from the East, but there are also North and North East days throughout the season making the winds less gusty and opening up more of the reef breaks to explore. Absolutely great conditions for all levels: because of a large fringe reef protecting the inland shore, the waters are flat and shallow making learning and free riding easy and enjoyable. The same reef creates some fantastic surf breaks to explore. PERFECT for beginners as the beach is a narrow white sand peninsula surrounded by clear blue Caribbean waters. Vela Tobago has exclusive teaching rights to the beach: lessons begin directly on Pigeon Point beach in front of the school. From there, the expansive calm waters of the beginner area are perfect for body dragging and working on board skills. Progression can be even faster with small classes and instructors following you in a dingy or small boat. You can count on the assistance of your instructor to chase you down by jetski or boat, ensuring a free ride back upwind and practice again if needed.

Radical Sports Tobago 2016 from brett on Vimeo.