Wind Reports

Perched on the brink of the continental shelf, the island base of Long Caye lies on the slender coral ring of Glover's Reef, an atoll 35 miles offshore from Dangriga, in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Every effort has been made to ensure the entire Water Sports Center blends into the undeveloped, natural atmosphere of this tropical island, unspoiled by the modern world. Here the focus is on adventure sports: the water sports center on the north end of Long Caye features all of the sports toys anyone could want! This Caribbean private island is unique in that you can snorkel right off shore. Belize's greatest attraction to board sailors is that nobody sails here! Belize enjoys ideal conditions for wind sports with steady winds, warm water, and a variety of accesses to the sea, allowing easy access to both the waves and swells of the open sea and a launch from our beach into the sheltered waters just off our shore. The average wind speed is 10-20 mph nearly every day, so although some days will be spent on light-wind gear skimming across the flats of the lagoon, other days will provide plenty reason to grab a 4.5 sail or smaller, blasting on the swells or trying your luck in the surf. The warm air and water temps mean you don’t need a wetsuit!